Sunday, August 30, 2009

of saris and samosas

It was our privilege to be invited to an amazing Indian dinner last evening, hosted by party people Mike and Tracy Lane. Ruth and Santosh Krishnan brought many of the amazing delicacies we enjoyed throughout the seven courses, and also provided the gorgeous saris for the women to wear. Santosh even brought shirts for all of the guys, so they wouldn't feel left out.
We started the cool, clear evening with a variety of salty snacks, including Mirch Masala, Papad, and heavenly Samosas with Mint Chutney and Mango Lime Pickles. We moved on to a hearty Lentil Soup (created by master chef Mike Lane), served with warm Naan. The salad course brought fresh veggies with a delightful Raita dressing (I could have eaten the whole bowl, all by myself).
I also loved the Lassi, a refreshing mango milkshake that was a wonderful compliment to the spices in the main course, which included Chicken Tikka Masala seved with Basmati Rice with Cumin, Indian Stir Fry Cabbage, and Cauliflower with a Ginger Cashew Onion sauce. (and I must say the cauliflower was delicious, this coming from someone who disdains that white vegetable!)
We moved on to dessert, which started with Kulfi served with fresh mangos and strawberries. I had volunteered to bring dessert, and scanned the internet last week for something to make. While there was a wide variety of things to try, I decided on this Indian ice cream. It has very simple ingredients, whole milk and sugar cooked on the stove for a long time until it thickens, flavored with cardamom. Once I poured it into molds, I topped it with chopped pista (pistachios) and popped it in the freezer. It was a simple, soothing treat that complimented all of the amazing flavors we enjoyed throughout the evening. I can't wait to make it again!
(Dessert served by my lovely assistant Denise-Tracy's sister.)

Next, Ruth served us warm Gulab Jamun, which look like small doughnut balls or dumplings. They were served in a sweet rosewater syrup, and just melted in your mouth.
Wonderful conversation, amazing food, and even a little learning made the evening a very memorable one. Enormous thanks to Ruth and Santosh for sharing their food and friendship with all of us, and to Mike and Tracy for hosting another absolutely incredible evening.


  1. Oh my gosh... yum! Very cool idea. I love the outfits. Neat friends you have!

  2. The saris are so gorgeous! And the food reminds me of all the wonderful Indian restaurants we used to frequent in Abu Dhabi and the incredible grocery stores we used to shop at in Pittsburgh. All those spices! And tomorrow night my Bollywood dancing class starts here in the frozen tundra! What an amazing world we live in!


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