Monday, August 17, 2009

he takes pictures too!

Mike has always had more than a passing interest in photography, and is completely self taught. He really enjoys it, and has taken all of the photos we use in our business for our brochures and website, and all of our promotional materials. He branched out into videography, and writes, films, produces, and voices our TV commercials each year. He has learned Photoshop and on-line editing, and I am just amazed at all of the things he is capable of. (even though he still has trouble finding his wallet on a regular basis, but that's another story...we all have our strengths and weaknesses!)
Mostly, he loves taking pictures for fun. He takes them on vacation, for holidays, and sometimes just because he likes what I made for dinner. I love that.
Lately, he has become his dirt bike club's semi-official photographer. And last week, he was even published on the cover of Cycle USA ! (Here's the picture-I wanted to show you a link to it as the cover of the magazine but can't find one. When Mike comes home I will have him help me find one.) Along with that, he wrote an article in the magazine, and had three more photos published in it as well.

Many years ago (pre-Charlie), he would head up to Bemidji when car companies would do their winter testing of their next year vehicle models, and take spy photos. Seriously, he would hide to snap pictures of them (since the next year model deals are very hush hush, and are often camoflauged, who knew?). He even made some money with his risk taking.

I love this creative side of my husband, and he clearly enjoys it. He will come home from a cycle ride, all excited to download a picture to show me. Sometimes it's an old barn, or just an amazing sunset. He captures candid pictures of people that are priceless. I am so fortunate to have him and his fun hobby in my life (as long as he deletes my double chin).

And it's nice to know that if this whole ACES deal doesn't pan out, that we have other options....

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