Thursday, August 27, 2009

raise your hand-

-if you are starting to feel a bit panicky and wondering how you will get everything done that needs to be done in the next few days?

Maybe it is just me, and the fact that I was gone having fun all last week, and this week I am trying to catch up with work, and make sure Charlie has everything he needs to start at his new school next week. I am toting him around to the pool and a haircut and picking up friends to come and play so they can enjoy these last little bits of summer. And we have a really big deal going on with ACES right now, and my house is a mess, and I found out yesterday my in-laws are coming tomorrow and all I really want to do is sit in my sunny back yard with my stack of books I have been collecting all summer and take a deep breath....
(fabulous photo of the view down my street from my sis, check her out at

Okay, I think it's just me.

I will get through the stuff, I always somehow do, and maybe next week I will get back to light little posts describing the sunshine as it streams through my window....and tell you all about the fabulous Indian dinner we have been invited to on Saturday night!

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  1. I'm raising my hand. It's a week before school starts and do you think we've been shopping for supplies and new gym shoes? Nooo, instead my kids are having several sleep-over extravaganzas to try to get in every last moment of summer freedom. We live on the aisle of denial. Ha!


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