Friday, August 7, 2009

Dear Heather-

Today I need to take a minute to let you know how very proud I am of you.

You have been to hell and back these last two years, and have come out the other side. You are so strong, and have been able to hold it together for yourself, and for your son Riley.

I know it has been really hard, and although I can't begin to imagine the pain you have been through, you have survived, and will continue to survive, and even thrive.

You are in the middle of building a brand new home, just for the two of you, on a lovely patch of land with a distant view of Lake Bemidji, from high on Tower Hill. These days it isn't as hard as it was for you to laugh, or find the joy that has been waiting for you. And I hope that someday you will find someone who deserves you, and cherishes you, and wants to grow old with you, and share your delightful son (if that is what you want).
Mom and Dad used to tease us, and tell you I was really your mom. And though I am just your big sister, I feel as protective of you as a mom. And I pray for you every day, and send good wishes your way, along with lots of hugs, good witchy vibes, and anything else that can help you become the wonderful single mom that you now are.

I admire you so much, and can't wait to come home and spend time with you and your sweet son, laughing, eating Dave's Pizza, and kicking your butt in our annual fishing tournament (although since I haven't won once, that remains to be seen).

Love you, little sis!


  1. Oy vay. Now I am just toast. Hope I can find more Puffs coupons. I love you too. Thank you for being such a wonderful sister.

  2. You two are just too much. I love the warmth between you. Sigh...


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