Monday, August 3, 2009

summer daze

Perhaps it is because I have been on vacation, but I turned my calendar over to August today and got that feeling in the pit of my stomach, the one that signals that summer is winding down and I better get all of those things done that I want to do, now!

Fortunately, one of those things on my list is to sit outside on my patio, with my coffee and newspaper, each morning. And start the day slowly, and breathe in the smells of summer, and listen to the birds, and appreciate all of the blooms around me. And just generally soak it all in, so I can try to remember those moments in January, when it is howling cold outside.

Picnics, we need some picnics. And a night at the drive-in, under the starry sky. And some pool time, (first we need some nice hot days to truly appreciate the pool!) And candlelit nights on the patio, drinking wine, and listening to the crickets.

August is the month I put off as much of my office work as I can until fall rolls around, and I don't clean the house as often, as these precious days are quickly dwindling. Soon Charlie will be back at school, rather than riding his bike through the neighborhood with a giant grin on his face. Mike will be working on simulators, rather than motoring through the woods on his dirt bike. August is the month we hang on to summer, and the freedom it affords us, for as long as we can.

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