Monday, August 10, 2009

time flies, part X

Charlie had more sleepovers last week than I had in my entire childhood.

Right now he and his friends are trying to cram as much fun into their summer as they possibly can, and at this age, it means having sleepovers. Getting away from your parents for a night, and being under someone else's roof is one of their favorite things, along with playing video games, riding bikes, and talking about girls.

It's true, they were.

A sleepover was a pretty rare event in my childhood, I remember one in 4th grade, for a classmate's birthday party. I remember listening to Michael Jackson singing "Ben", and really just wishing I could curl up and go to sleep, while all of the other girls wanted to 'stay up ALL NIGHT'! Then there was the one at my friend's house who lived on a farm, I had never actually stayed at a farm, and it was quite a new experience for me. The other I remember was at a friend's house in Nymore, and she had to practice the piano while I was there, and didn't want to (naturally), but all I could think of was how lucky she was, and I would gladly have practiced it for her, if only I knew how.

Eleven year old boy sleepovers are full of weapons, both real and virtual, and soft drinks, and pizza, and smelly socks. I try to let them have the main floor of the house to themselves, and hole up in my bedroom with my books and my knitting, to give them a feeling of independence without my interferring. Unless, of course, the tornado sirens go off and we have to head to the basement. Or if I need to make some fresh popcorn while they watch a silly movie. Or when I need to remind them that it really IS time to go to sleep.

I hope Charlie will remember all of the fun times spent with his friends, curling up under the covers and whispering about childhood things. I know I fondly remember when the thought of Charlie and sleeping just meant this:



  1. Oh man. Fuzzy jammies and flannel sheets. I can almost smell his sweet head.

  2. Another lovely and well written post. This pic of Charlie sleeping is a treasure. Really should be blown up, turned to sepia (or black & white) and framed. Too precious!!

    P.S. Note to Heather~ sometimes when I try to comment on your blog, it won't let me. I love reading it and am not ignoring you! I'm not sure why that happens. Anyway, just know that I love you. :o)

  3. What an adorable picture. At least you don't have screaming girls at your house. Why do girls scream?


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