Monday, September 14, 2009

marriage lessons

As of Saturday, Mike and I have been married for twenty two years. Here is how we celebrated:
Mike and Charlie were in Thielman all weekend, on a fun ride. They camped out Friday and Saturday night (note their plush surroundings). They had two days of trail riding, and had a blast.I had a weekend to myself, and watched old movies, did some homework for an on-line class I am taking, made Halloween cards, created jewelry, did a little gardening, and visited the Farmer's Market. So we all had fun, in our own way. I even read an entire book (the new John Sanford, such fun, though rather violent, as usual).

Twenty two years of marriage means a lot of lessons learned, may I share them with you?

1. Men just get better looking as they age, women not so much. Unless they like injecting poison in their face.

2. Husbands may never learn the optimum moment for taking out the garbage, or mowing the lawn. Clearly this is knowledge found only in female brain cells.

3. Mike's cooking always tastes delicious. Even if he only cooks one thing, he does it well.

4. If you can survive the really bad days, the great days are that much better.

5. Watching your son and husband share a hobby together is a wonderful thing (especially when it gives you free time to enjoy your own pursuits!)

6. Knowing when to keep your mouth shut is more important than saying the first thing that pops into your head. I am continually working on this one...

7. Men do not actually have ESP, and Mike cannot read my thoughts. So if I need something, I better speak up, and it always gets a better reaction when followed by a kiss.

8. Speaking of kissing, a good marriage is based on knowing what your husband's priorities are, even if, at that particular moment, they aren't the same as yours.

9. Traveling opens new worlds, and is a relaxing way to get to know each other better (but make sure you carry an extra set of car keys.)

10. No matter how long you have been married, you cannot take your spouse for granted.

I love you Mike, now more than ever. Thanks for sticking it out with me! Now about that lawn mowing...

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  1. Happy 22 years! Wonderful post! ..and you are still hot.


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