Friday, September 4, 2009

labor day weekend

It's here. That last weekend of summer. Or so they call it.

Since Charlie has already started school, it doesn't feel that way, but even better, it feels like a true holiday weekend. For a change, we are, all three of us, going to be home for the whole weekend. And we have no plans, no commitments, a truly free weekend.

Oh, we have ideas. The weather is supposed to be perfect, which seems like a gift in itself. Mike and Charlie want to do some dirt bike riding. I see myself in my backyard with a book. I want to start Heather's quilt. I want to go to Farmer's Market. I want to plant some mums. We want to squeeze in as many outside activities as we can, as September can offer up a wide range of weather here in Minnesota. So while it is perfect, we will enjoy it.

Another idea for this free weekend? Some really good food. In my relentless search of bargains, I unearthed this treasure: I am going to try the Fresh Corn Fritters, the Grilled Steak with Garden Salsa, the Grilled Marinated Chicken, and the Basil Risotto. And the Peach Custard Tart recipe that my sweet sis sent my way this week.
Sounds like cooking may cut into my reading time, but the results will hopefully be delish.
May you all have a wonderful, relaxing holiday weekend.

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