Thursday, October 1, 2009

announcing a new arrival

The Pohl Family is happy to announce the arrival of:
the spanking brand new Canon 7D.

It has incredible image quality, the ability to shoot both stills and HD video, (rivaling a $30,000 digital video camera). You can shoot in color or black and white, the screen on the back for viewing is ginormous (my own technical term...). It has many other fabulous qualities, that I am not smart enough to know, so if you want more info, go to the Canon website for all of the specifications.

Mike is pretty much in heaven.

He had heard about this a few weeks ago, when he was lusting after the Canon 5D (which he had been wanting for a very long time). But this one is less expensive than the 5D, and actually offers more of what we need in a camera. So he immediately got on the waiting list, and yesterday, it arrived.

We are very proud parents.

It will get lots of use in this family, both for fun, and for business. We will even be able to use it to shoot our holiday commercial for ACES. Quite a good little investment.

So once I can pry it out of his hands and get a chance to try it myself, I will be posting some amazing photos! (the best part? I now get to have our "old" camera, all to myself....)


  1. Yay! How fun! Good for you. Enjoy. Good thing Mike likes reading directions.

  2. I want to have a new arrival too. (Pout). Are you going to have a shower for it? I could get you some lens cleaner...


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