Monday, October 26, 2009

lawn envy

Living in the city, our yards are small and the next house is pretty close, as in, we can look out our windows at each other, smile and wave, and be able to see the buttons on our shirts.

When it's time to rake the leaves, I can always lay money on who will be first to make their yard perfect. It has been a delayed race this year, what with the fact that it has rained nearly all of the last 3 weeks, except for 3 semi-sunny days randomly tucked in. But we had a brief respite this weekend, and horror of horrors, my next door neighbor raked her yard. Now there is all of that pressure to get OUR leaves picked up, so they don't blow in her yard. I mentioned it to Mike yesterday, and unfortunately he is of the "wait until every leaf drops before doing anything" school of thought. But sometimes the leaves on our maple tree don't drop until January. On the snow.

To make matters worse, the neighbor on the corner across the street had her lawn service there, almost in the dark last night, taking care of her yard. So here we sit, the big corner with all of the leaves just ready to blow onto those perfect yards. The pressure....

Maybe I can convince Mike to take a break from creating our TV commercial and get a little fresh air today, I don't see a drop of rain in the forecast, and I am not allowed to operate the Honda mower with handy leaf catching attachment. Sometimes chauvinism is a good thing.


  1. I am giggling! Derrick is also of the "wait until every leaf has dropped" variety. But my mother, who we help out w/ her raking, is of the mindset that we should "rake every weekend in order to keep up on it otherwise it will be too heavy later" variety. They do not mesh at all. Same with snow removal. Heaven help me. It's gonna be a looong Fall/Winter.

  2. We just got a ginormous leaf blower - you are welcome to borrow it. The coolness macho factor is HUGE.


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