Friday, October 30, 2009

scary movie poll

It's time to watch a scary movie!

When I lived alone, I could never watch a scary movie, let alone even think about watching a scary movie, as then I would be awake thinking about what was in my closet, or under my bed. I even had trouble reading scary books. That was before I discovered John Sanford, Patricia Cornwall, Elizabeth George, PD James, and Martha Grimes. But I still don't read Stephen King. Maybe I feel safe reading mysteries when I am next to my hubby, who will protect me from scary things.

I like to watch a scary movie on Halloween night, when everything feels a little extra spooky. With Charlie in the house, "Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" became a regular. But now that he is getting a little older, we can watch things that are a little scarier.Maybe "Vertigo", or "Psycho". I would love to watch "American Werewolf in London" (my very favorite scary movie of all time) but I think we should wait a few more years. Am I being too protective? We watched "The Shining" this winter-he loved it.

Charlie has voted for "Friday the 13th" (the original one). I remember going to it with my friend Randy Anderson, as a senior in high school, and being scared out of my mind, and constantly grabbing his thigh during the frightening parts-even though we went to the movie as 'friends', not on a date. I am pretty sure I didn't sleep that night.

We have vetoed that choice, and we are hoping there will be a good old scary movie on TV on Halloween night. You would think with a million channels there will be a couple of choices? Maybe "Young Frankenstein", or a "Munsters" marathon? And we can stay up late and go through Charlie's bag of treats, and make popcorn, and sleep in on Sunday with that extra hour of sleep!

What is YOUR favorite scary movie?


  1. Scary movies scare me to death. I used to love them as a teen, but as a young married girl they came back to haunt me if I had to be home alone! Psycho & The Shining and Friday the 13th were some of my scariest. I can't believe Charlie wasn't scared to death during The Shining!! I think that one is much worse than Friday the 13th. I vote for Young Frankenstein and the Munsters!! :o)

  2. Many of Alfred Hitchcock's movies are wonderful, but Psycho is in a class of it's own. How about Rear Window...very suspenseful. Or, The Rope? Those are two of my favorites. Then, there's always The Birds!

  3. One more thing... Misery is one of our all-time favorite Stephen King movies. Kathy Bates is outstanding~in fact, she won the academy award that year for best actress. Have you seen that one??


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