Tuesday, October 6, 2009

learning the hard way

How many of you check pockets before doing the laundry?

I have made my guys responsible for cleaning out their own pockets before tossing their dirty clothes in the hamper. Doesn't mean they do it. I have washed many loads of coins, dollar bills, (I keep the money, considering it my small payment for doing the laundry job), candy wrappers, and an occasional flash drive. I am least happy when I find a pen that has made it's way through, only to leak all over. grrr. The worst was crayons. Melted crayons. The clothes in that load could not be saved, even though I did all of the things they told me to do on the Crayola website (yes, there is a whole page about cleaning crayons from the dryer). Well, the clothes could have been saved, but none of them were worth the herculean efforts I would have had to go through to recover them.

Last week, I was pulling a load out of the dryer when I heard a clunk. Not good to hear a clunk coming out of the dryer. It was Charlie's ipod nano. The engraved nano he got for his birthday last year. Not good.

He was, shall we say, really bummed out. REALLY bummed out. So we did what any parent would do in this day and age, we sent him to the internet to research what he could do to possibly save it.

And clearly, many, many, many people have washed ipods. But this one went through both the washer AND the dryer, so we didn't have as many options. There were suggestions to put it in the freezer overnight, to put it in a bowl of rice to dry it out, or to get dessicant from the flower shop and immerse it. We went with the "let it sit for several days" approach. And today I plugged it in to the computer, and not only did it recognize it, it WORKED. I kid you not. Apple should do a commercial. Can I get a piece of that?

Now, the screen has some issues, it's really dark, and you can only see what is on it by tilting it to the light, just so. But it plays music. I can't wait to tell Charlie when he gets home from school.

He got lucky, but learned a valuable lesson. Will this be enough for him to check his pockets now, before tossing those grass stained jeans in the basket? Time will tell....

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  1. Boy, you really are a lucky one. I've managed to do it twice and neither time did it work. We also tried the "let it sit for several days" approach to no avail. The first one was David's engraved ipod nano that he worked and saved up for. I felt terrible so replaced it for him. New rule: check your own pockets. IT'S NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY!!!! Well, needless to say, David did it again. We've managed to go about a year on the last ipod...I think he finally gets it.


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