Saturday, October 31, 2009


Mike and I jumped in the car on Wednesday and left all of our work behind. We needed a Wisconsin day, and so we took it. The skies were eerie, gloomy, and overcast. All the better to see the remaining fall color, and get pictures.
We were definitely post peak, but we didn't mind. Still beauty to be found.
Mike is teaching me how to use our 'old' camera, now that he is busy with the new 7D. I had no idea they were so complex, I have always been a point and shoot girl.
So we did some experimenting. And every time we passed a little country cemetery, I wanted to stop and take pictures. I have always loved touring cemeteries, and imagine all of the stories to be found in the gravestones. Does that make me rather strange? In need of therapy? My favorite cemeteries were in New England, so very old, although the ones we saw in Hawaii were interesting. While you imagine Hawaii as lush and beautful and green, many of the cemeteries we found were just dirt. Ironic, and I never did find out why.
Sure, we got wild turkeys, and beautiful creek shots, but the day demanded cemetery shots. The lighting was near perfect for that.
We stopped at the Riverview Cemetery, on the Minnesota side. It was amazing. There were gravesites from 1867, and earlier. Tombstones used to tell better stories than they do now.
So for your Halloween enjoyment, take a stroll through this cemetery. Don't be afraid, all of the spirits here are friendly, and are glad you stopped by to say hello.
And if you stop by my house to trick or treat tonight, there may be a nice glass of mulled wine to warm your insides while the little ones enjoy their candy!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. great pics...and do u do wine delivery?

  2. My faves? The tree one should be framed~ beautiful! The barn scene at the top~ wow! And the long iron fence is so cool.

  3. I was really hoping for an ostrich picture...


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