Monday, November 2, 2009


The spider webs have been removed from outside, the squirrels are devouring the pumpkins, and Charlie's treat bag has been scoured for the candy that he doesn't like. He has sampled all of his favorites, we go back to not bingeing on sugar on Monday. He even drank full sugar pop, and ate Doritos. Talk about throwing all the rules out the window! He decided to go trick or treating after all, very late in the day, and he and his buddy Alec went all by themselves. No chaperone. (I did send my cell phone along, just in case...which of course prompted the reminder that he would be so much better off with his own phone.) I think they really enjoyed their freedom. And when they got back, they caught the tail end of "Night of the Living Dead", just in time to see the little girl feast on her dad's arm, right before stabbing her mother with a trowel...

The clocks have been adjusted, and I loved the extra hour of sleep. I even felt like I could stay in bed this morning and finish a book. Mike made coffee-Trader Joe's Winter Blend. Heaven in a cup. Charlie asked for some, as he has decided he is going to start drinking coffee. (?*?)

The smoke detectors have been tested, since I made bacon in the oven.

I spent several hours putting away the Halloween decorations. This is when I realize that I get a little carried away. I did some sorting, and packed up the things I don't really use anymore, and have now just four storage boxes full of Halloween stuff.

But that meant reorganizing the attic, so I could shove the Halloween boxes to the back and move the Christmas boxes to the front. I put away all of my summer clothes, pulled out the long underwear and wool sweaters, and found jeans that didn't fit me last year that fit me now. As long as I stay away from that Halloween candy...

All in all, a good first day of November.


  1. I started drinking coffee at 12 also. Good for Charlie...start em young I say! xoxo,t

  2. The pumpkin picture tells it all, great job sister!

  3. What a great post. Did you mention Halloween candy? Bring on the yoga pant. :o)


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