Monday, November 16, 2009

late to the party, again

All summer we meant to go. It was going to be this year's drive-in movie, a tradition we established several summers ago. But life and dirt biking and schedules got in the way (not to mention that it wasn't showing at the drive-in very long) and we never got around to it.

Last week it was released on DVD. We don't buy a lot of movies, only those that we have seen and loved and know we will watch multiple times. But I bought this one, even though we had not seen it, as we tend to be big fans of all of the Pixar movies. And I snagged the last one on the shelf, so I felt it was our destiny. I'm weird that way.

It did not disappoint. We cried (well, Mike and I did) we laughed, and thoroughly enjoyed it. (Charlie was reluctant at first, moaning that it was a 'kids' movie, and couldn't he just watch another episode of 'Nitro Circus'?) But he was entertained too, and ended up being glad he spent his Sunday night watching it. I can't believe it took us this long to see it, but we will defintely be watching it over and over again.

How refreshing that quality movies can still be made that the whole family can relate to, and enjoy immensely. If I could, I would buy all of you a copy for a Christmas present. It's that good.

And if for some reason you haven't seen it yet either, please get it as soon as you can, settle in with some popcorn, and dream about the adventures you have yet to take.


  1. What a coincidence! We bought it and watched it this weekend too. Our daughter had seen it at the theater and said it was SO good. Yes, we both cried, too. Heartbreaking at the beginning and very sweet at the end! Loved it.

  2. I haven't seen it, but my mom took my girls to see it and my mom came back very depressed. lol


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