Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving scrapbook

Our Thanksgiving holiday was like a Hallmark commercial. We ate turkey and all of the fixings. It was beyond delicious (mostly because it was made with lots of love, and that's important. Have you read "Like Water for Chocolate?").
The other forty seven dishes are spread out along the rest of the buffet-we could have used platters instead of regular dinner plates!

I spent a lovely afternoon visiting with my grandmother, whose health has been deteriorating lately. But she was bright and cheerful this day, and happy to be with her family.
Camera girl was busy taking pictures, in addition to monitoring all of the happenings in her kitchen. She gave a beautiful toast before the big meal, and welcomed us all to her new home. There were a lot of moist eyes, thank goodness we had cloth napkins.
She just moved into her house a month ago. Can you believe how much she has unpacked already? Very impressive. Charlie is in love with her new home, and her new kitty, and has asked if he could move in.

My little brother and his family. He built my sister a house. How many people can say THAT? Kaleb and Savanna are absolutely the most delightful, kind, and fun teenagers I know. We had a big poker match with my niece and nephew. They were the last two at the table, and battled it out. Sweet Savanna was the big winner!

It was a rare moment, with our family. We tried to remember where we used to sit at the table when it was just the five of us. My brother is one of those guys who never smiles for pictures, and Heather was getting tired of Mike taking pictures of us...

The guys even went to Gander Mountain, for some Thanksgiving shopping. And the women stayed home!

A lovely day was had by all. And it was just the beginning of a memorable weekend.

Hoping your holiday was wonderful too!


  1. These pictures are wonderful. What a blessed Thanksgiving. Heather's home is amazing and no, I cannot believe how much she has unpacked. I mean, pictures on the walls and everything. What a fantastic family.

  2. Awww...can't tell you just how much I love seeing pictures of your family! Very nice. And, Heather's house looks great! So happy Grandma Doris could join you (what a nice photo of the two of you!). The top pic of you and Heather is so cute. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving weekend!! Thanks very much for sharing! It was also lovely to see you and hug you, if only briefly. :o) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. What a gorgeous family and HOUSE!!! What fun. What a special weekend. I am so glad my girls have a sister.

  4. Haven't read the book, but I've seen the movie!

    Glad to see that you had a great Thanksgiving. I'm wishing I'd had my camera so that I would have been able to blog about my Thanksgiving more thoroughly.


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