Sunday, November 22, 2009

sore feet and a happy heart

I rarely wait in line for things. I never waited in line for concert tickets during my college years, stood in the Target parking lot for the Cities 97 sampler, or a bargain early in the morning on Black Friday. But yesterday I waited in line for nearly 4 hours to get a cookbook signed.

And it was so worth the wait. We weren't sure how early to arrive, so we gambled on 10 am, as Ree was to appear at 1 pm. We were 30th in line, and were happy with our planning.

We quickly got to know those in line around us, and heard their stories. Women had driven from South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and all over Minnesota just to have a chance to chat with Ree. There were many bloggers there, who had discovered Ree's blog and love it as we do. Here is a new one I am adding to my list:

Tracy and I have been planning this day for weeks, ever since the mall stop was announced, and of course sweet baby Astrid came along for the fun (and because we know PW can't resist an infant). I don't know how Tracy managed a baby for that long, but Astrid was a trooper (you can read her take on the day here): . Luckily we were outside of Nordstroms, and security let her sneak away as she needed, to nurse in comfort (rather than standing in the corraled lines). And Caribou Coffee was close enough to scurry to, to fill our caffeine needs.

Of course Ree was prompt, and absolutely lovely, and patiently listened to my nervous chatting while she signed our stack of books, and Tracy's red Lucchese cowboy boots. I was so glad my dear hubby showed up, to photograph the whole event. He even got to visit with Marlboro Man (Ree's hubby), who showed up on the outskirts of the crowd with their two boys, who were completely delightful and just as I imagined.

The time went by fairly quickly, and before we knew it we were walking off the stage, and receiving the adorable Pioneer Woman shirts that Ree had brought for everyone (how amazing is that???? She could have sold them, and made a fortune, and instead she GAVE them to us.) Just another reason to love her.

And if for some crazy reason you do not yet know the joy of Ree's wonderful, worldwide blog (recently named one of the top 25 blogs by Time magazine), you can catch up here:

I don't know if I am now considered a groupie, or a stalker...(but mostly just lucky enough to have had a chance to meet her, and some of the people who adore her).


  1. We were there too. I would do it again tomorrow if I had the chance. We noticed the red cowboy boots. In fact, we weren't too far behind you in line.

  2. It's been so fun to read everyone's updates! We were there as well and had a great time. Thanks for sharing your recap! : )

  3. I don't think it makes us "groupies" if we find someone who does something we love as much as I love The Pioneer Woman's blog. I, too, have never stood in line for hours, (probably couldn't at my age), and had NEVER EVEN READ A BLOG BEFORE (excuse the shouting, but Hey Now!) I may or may not use the recipes, but I love her humor and enjoyment of life. Plus, she and her husband seem to genuinely care about one another. Add in the photography, and no wonder she is SO popular. I think she may be responsible for inspiring at least two generations to take up cooking and that alone is wonderful.

  4. What a fun day! Thanks so much for sharing. Wonderful photos as always! Can't believe she GAVE shirts away. Very cool. Someday I'm going to get really wild and learn how to add links to my blog. I have no clue.

  5. I had a great time at the Pioneer Woman book signing at MOA to!! What a great lady she is, classy, tireless, and inspiring!! -Chris Ann

  6. It was fun to meet you! I'm so glad I got there when I did, any later and I wouldn't have gotten to hang out with you two!

    Ree was such a sweetheart, I would stand in line all over again just to talk to her some more. If I ever win a lodge trip with a bunch of bloggy friends, I'll put you on the list!

  7. Thanks for the perfect day, my friend. I love ya.

  8. I cannot wait to look this up! I love to cook and mostly to invent in the kitchen. Our son has had food allergies which have forced me into learning more about ingredients etc and now what a blessing it has been. He is well and our family LOVES whole natural foods and living! That is what my new blog is on at :) Anyway- wish I could have loaned ya some Topricin for your feet. Mine are endlessly aching and it soothes them really really well. Glad you met some nice blogging friends and had a great time :) Thanks for sharing this! Lynn

  9. I love that she gave you all t-shirts! Great post!

  10. We had so much fun that day too! Ree is wonderful! The day was perfect!

  11. My sister waited in line to get my book signed...she doesn't even know who PW is! 5 hours....for some stranger...I love my sister.
    She has yet to send me the books....wonder if she'll keep the tee for herself??
    ps..I was listening on her phone as she was talking to Ree..and Ree wanted to talk to me! Kool!!

  12. OMG! So lucky!! we are excited.. today is OUR DAY! and we are heading out in an hour to get our bracelets hopefully so we can get in to see her too!!!!!
    I was a blog reader of hers when the comments were around 10-20 a day.. hehehehe.. I will be mostly unhappy if I miss the chance to visit with her! I cant wait to post my own visit!

  13. Holy smokes, that was a fun time!!! And, to see your blog on her page?!! Did you just about faint, too?!?!!! Fun reliving it!


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