Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Fall to Grace"

It was my great pleasure to be a part of a one-time only book club. I have never had a burning desire to join a book club, as much as I love books, and enjoy talking about them, the whole idea of being REQUIRED to read a specific book is not up my alley.

Fortunately, I was invited to take part in this very special book club, so I thought I would give it a try.

The book is "Fall to Grace" by Kerry Casey. He is a local author, in fact all of this came up as he generously donated five copies of his book, and the opportunity to have him attend your 'book club' meeting, at a recent school silent auction. When my friend Tracy won the package, the wheels were set in motion. We gathered last week, and the seven of us discussed the book and our favorite parts before the author arrived. Wine and treats always help facilitate lively ideas.

Kerry Casey is a delight, and we enjoyed hearing how he conceived of his characters, and how the process worked for him. He talked about the realities of self-publishing, and what his goals for the book were. And we were all thrilled to hear he is currently working on a sequel, so we can continue to follow our favorite characters.

I HIGHLY recommend this book. I found myself reading late into the night, with my tiny booklight attached, so as not to wake my slumbering husband. And then I would look at the clock, and three hours had quickly slipped by as I immersed myself in the story.

You can't find it at the big chain stores, you can occasionally find it at a small, independent bookseller. Your best option is to order it here, where you can learn more (and it's a really great website, on top of that!) http://www.fivefriendsbooks.com/

And then YOU will want to tell at least five more friends about it.

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