Friday, November 20, 2009

it'll make your skirt fly up

Having been a fan of "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman" (one of the web's most visited blogs) for years, I waited in eager anticipation for the publication of Ree Drummonds first cookbook. She chronicled the joy and agony and long hours of putting it together, and talked about finding just the right cover shot (it was taken by her husband, in just a normal moment-aren't they often our best photos?)
Here is why this cookbook works:

1. Each recipe provides detailed instructions and great step-by-step photos, so whether you are a seasoned cook or just learning how to boil water, you can make these recipes with great success. Her "Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever" has been in my repertoire for the last year, and it is always a hit.

2. There is nothing novel or unusual to be found in the recipes, they are crowd pleasin', tummy fillin' foods that will make you sigh with pleasure. And you can find all of the ingredients in your local grocery store.

3. The photos and bits of life stories interspersed throughout the pages bring Ree's home on a cattle ranch into clear focus, her gorgeous photos of everything from sunrises to horse manes will take your breath away.

4. Devoted followers of her blog will be familiar with the cast of characters in the book, everyone from the cowboys to her four punks, to the important women in her life.

5. Best of all, Ree doesn't take herself too seriously, as evidenced by the photos in the back of her kitchen during cooking, and her doodled portrait.

She is the kind of woman you would love to meet in person, and share a cup of coffee with, share labor stories, and hope that her hubby will walk through the kitchen in his Wranglers.

She is coming to the MOA for a book signing tomorrow at the Nordstrom Court from 1-3. I am reluctant to share this with you, as I don't need anymore people in line in front of me to get my book signed than will already be there. But it will be worth the wait, as some of the fun will be getting to know the other fans waiting patiently in line. Come and join me, won't you?

Tracy M and I plan to wait it out together, I will stick close to her as she is bringing her cute baby and wearing her red Lucheese cowboy boots, so for sure Ree will want to talk to her.

Back to the book-if you have any holes in your gift list, this would make a wonderful present for anyone who loves to eat, or just enjoys beautiful photography. I own a lot of cookbooks, and this one is a little gem.

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  1. I finally got around to ordering this last night! Your description is wonderful and makes me really excited to get it in the mail! Make sure to post about your book signing experience! :o)


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