Friday, November 13, 2009

love that DVR

Hitting the peak of fall tv viewing, before everything heads into reruns during the holidays, I have come to fully appreciate the extra monthly expense of owning a DVR. Since we have three very different needs when it comes to our single television, this helps smooth out viewing arguments, and saves all of my favorite programs for when I have the house to myself.

What is on my DVR?

Castle - I fell hard for Nathan Fillion in "Waitress", and love him even more here paired with Stana Katic.

Bones - I had read Kathy Reichs for years, and was thrilled to hear there would be a tv show. While very loosely based on her character, the relationship between Dr. Brennan and Special Agent Booth is fun to watch each week. And I have a thing for forensic anthropology.

The Office - Charlie and I watch it every week, sometimes more than once. Guaranteed for multiple Laugh Out Louds, what more can I say about it that hasn't already been said?

House - Hugh Laurie should win a lifetime achievement award for this role.

Saving Grace - I adore Holly Hunter in this role, she must have so much fun playing it.

The Closer - Kyra Sedgwick is my favorite kitty lovin' candy chewin' Deputy Police Chief.

Masterpiece Mystery - One of my favorite series, ever.

Kind of drama heavy here, I know. We do also record:

Modern Family - it is growing on me, Charlie is a fan.

Community - I am not 100% sold, but I still keep giving it a try. It may be falling off the list soon.

The Bonnie Hunt Show - I had to record the episode where the Pioneer Woman cooked, as my sis was working and didn't get to see it.

Charlie records:

Fantasy Factory and Nitro Circus on MTV. I keep reminding him NEVER TO TRY ANY OF THESE THINGS AT HOME, including the inane language and stupid remarks.

We also have Fargo on our list of recorded items, and all of the moon shows from this summer (Mike's list). It's great when I see a movie coming up in the television guide, that we haven't seen in a wihle, and I can just set it to record for us to watch when we have time.

Between our DVR and Netflix, we may never need to go to a movie theater again...

What are your favorites from the current crop of television?


  1. Glee and 30 Rock. Maren LOVES Liz Lemon and I LOVE Jack Donaghy. Maren tends to take very long showers, but I can get her out in less than 15 minutes if I tell her "Liz Lemon" is on tv. She will laugh out loud at the same things I do--Tina Fey (I think) writes for women, thank you very much. I enjoy Sunday night on PBS--Nature and Masterpiece. Although we have 3 old tvs in the house, the 3 of us usually sit in the livingroom together. Unfortunately, Eric usually controls the remote so we watch a lot of golf and hockey. Beth

  2. As you know, I'm just waiting to get access to t.v.! However, our house is a fan of 30 Rock and The Office. Maybe if I get a t.v. by Christmas, I can try some of your suggested shows!

  3. Love The Office, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, DWTS, American Idol and of course Sid the Science Kid. I wish we had cable - but if we did, I would totally ignore my kids all day.

  4. Our whole family is gaga for The Office. Most of us love American Idol. Otherwise, it's Seinfeld & Friends reruns, or sports (not me, I head straight for the computer). We also watch a lot of movies. I love 30 minute meals w/Rachael Ray. Kind of boring over here with the tv watching, I admit!


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