Thursday, October 29, 2009

ode to the yoga pant

While many people may rank cell phones, microwaves, or HD tv as their favorite invention, I would have to go with the yoga pant.

I realize they are called yoga pants, as they were designed for the comfort of the wearer while they are twisting themselves into amazing positions, and the pant stays in place and covers all of

And it sounds so much trendier and with it if you say you wear 'yoga pants', rather than the sweatpants we wore lounging in dorm rooms in college.

Yoga pants are lighter weight (and take to a layer of long underwear in the wintertime very well, thank you very much), and if you get the right cut may even look, well, good on you.

I purchase all of my yoga pants at Lucy. A store for active people. Those active people who jog, exercise, and do yoga. I don't do any of those things, but they don't have a store with clothing for people who work from home and get their exercise by doing laundry, cleaning the house, and going to SuperTarget on a weekly run.

I love Lucy. Hey, that sounds kind of familiar.... It was started by some women who used to be designers for Nike, and they decided that there needed to be better designed work-out wear for women. So they came up with Lucy. While their yoga pants definitely cost more (okay, a LOT more) than you would spend for a pair from Target, your cost per wear is, well, pennies. At least in my case, it is. They wash like a dream, and if you are lucky enough to happen into the store when your favorite style has gone on clearance, you can have four pair in constant rotation. And I do. Putting on jeans feels absolutely confining.

So I raise my glass to the yoga pant, for keeping me comfortable, and cleverly disguising that baby weight that I still haven't been able to get rid of after twelve years.


  1. I'm sold! What kind of cut do you like best?

  2. I love Lucy Too - ODE to the Yoga pant!
    You may want to try these guys too as there stuff is also amazing...and there is an outlet in Edina...


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