Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Superior Storm

The gales that whip themselves up on the shores of Lake Superior are truly awe-inspiring, no matter what season they hit!

After a beautiful blue sky day yesterday, we were awoken in the middle of the night by the howling wind. The snow started soon after, and has created a whole new snowswept landscape outside our windows. Gusts are up to 40 mph, and the snow continues on, limiting visibility to a short distance.

Mother Nature, up close.

We are cozy in our suite, with a fire going and comfort food ready to cook in our kitchen. The Monopoly game is ready to go, and a stack of movies will keep us occupied.

My dad ended up being flown to Duluth yesterday-what are the chances? Looks like Bemidji may have over-reacted in sending him here, but while they have him they are doing a complete check-up before they release him. So my mom and siblings are all in Duluth, and with this weather I can't get down there! We are all waiting for test results, to see how long they will keep him, but no one is driving anywhere today in these conditions.

What a difference a day makes...


  1. Thinking about your dad. hugs,t

  2. WOW!! I wish I was there with you guys!!! Sounds like FUN!! I love that cozy feeling...I'm sure you will have some amazing photos!! Thinking of your Dad...as you know, I truly understand!!


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