Tuesday, March 3, 2009

time flies, part VI

Reading time.

I started reading to Charlie before he was even born. He had bookshelves full of books when he was just a newborn. I would pick up classics at yard sales, and fondly remember reading some of them as a child. Everything founds it's way in to our house. "Blueberries for Sal" was next to "The Velveteen Rabbit" and the Little House series took up residence on the shelf next to "The Boxcar Children" and the "Hardy Boys" original mysteries. Eric Carle was an early favorite author, along with Virginia Lee Burton. Maurice Sendak made us both happy, along with A. A. Milne.

We had story time every night before he went to sleep, and often had reading time duirng the day. He LOVED books. Here was one of his favorites:
He was quite obsessed with any type of construction vehicle at the time, and even went to a Steam Thresher event with Mike and his Grandpa Don in North Dakota-where they had a real Marion Steam Shovel that he got to check out. He came home bursting with stories, in his little boy language, eyes shining and hands waving trying to explain to me just how big Marian was.

Now he is 11.

And reading is not his favorite thing to do. He HAS to read for school, and would much rather be doing just about anything else.

His bookshelves are still full, I keep trying to find THE book or series that will spark his interest in the written word again. He indulges me, and gives them a try, but it has been a while since he read a book that he really loved.

Please tell me this is just a phase, and that he will love to read again someday.


  1. No Digger Dan? :) Maren just read (twice) the Lightening Thief series. I don't know if it is girly, but I DO know that she is so into Greek Mythology now!! She received mythology books for Christmas and she checks them out of the library. She draws pictures and asks me to quiz her on them. Her friends enjoy the myths, too. Maybe that's what he needs, Bulfinch's Mythology for Easter!

  2. Kristi, Owen is so right there. Most recently he flew through a book he got at the school's book fair (I think it was called "I Q"?? But it's not like it used to be. He tries to tell me that reading Sports Illustrated and the sports page "counts." I suppose it does -- but it's not the same.

    On the other hand, you have a book I really love on your nightstand: Maisie Dobbs! Have you read it? I've really enjoyed the ones I've read.

  3. ok this is probably old news, but the diary of a wimpy kid series is a hit among my not too excited about reading anymore readers.


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