Wednesday, March 4, 2009

fun Target finds

I have waxed poetic (no, not really) before about my love of Target shopping.

Once a month, I grab my 10% off coupon that I earned the previous month, along with my meticulously planned shopping list and stack o' coupons, and spend a couple of hours doing a "big shop".

Yesterday I needed two trips to get it all in (hey, 48 rolls of toilet paper and 37 lbs of cat litter take up a lot of space!)

Since I am saving so much money (my coupon secrets will be revealed in another post) I always feel the need to "treat" myself to something fresh and new, that I probably don't really need, but feel I have earned.

This month? Orla Kiely.

Oh my.

She is a designer of clothing, house goods, and all kinds of fun. I LOVE her colors, her retro funky shapes and styles. You can see more of her at her website:

First off, I needed some new desk goodies:(a peek into what I need to survive in my office reveals pencils, receipt paper rolls, canned air, chocolate, and.... Lock DeIcer?)

Then, I discovered this cheerful new coffee cup.But my favorite item? My new glove/hat/mitten holder. (they aren't just for shoes anymore, not when you live in a tiny house and need all of the storage help you can get.)Just one of the many reasons I love Target-making designer goodies accessible to the masses!

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  1. oh you! i love that pattern and thought about using it for our bedroom this summer. i love the blue/brown combo! Beth


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