Wednesday, March 11, 2009

spring cleaning

While today does not look anything like spring (4 below zero this morning with blowing snow, and a wind chill that I don't even want to discuss) it is time to think about cleaning.

You will note, I said think about it.

While some people use the beginning of a new year to go through closets and drawers, I have that whole "I have to get my taxes ready" excuse to use until at least the end of February.

But once the tax package leaves my house, I can no longer avoid the inevitable.

I usually start in my office. This year my office was so cramped and crowded I couldn't even work in it. I would haul my laptop and files to the dining room, where I at least had room to push my chair back. And ignore the disaster that awaited me down the hallway.

Here is the desk, a good place to start. ugh.This is when I dream of a house that has more than 1400 square feet. That can just be our house, and not also the home office of ACES. An office with room to dance in, if I felt like it. And big windows. And perhaps a built-in coffeemaker.

But since that ain't happenin' any time soon, I need to adapt to what I have. Or at least do some cleaning, purging, and organizing.

The school directory from 3 years ago? In the recycle bin. The travel ideas I have clipped from magazines? Outta here. (That's what the internet is for!) Are you ever amazed by the things we keep? Thank god at (at least once a year) I have a sensible head on my shoulders and dump the junk. And since it isn't exactly playing outside weather, best to get it done now.

The recycling guys and our trash hauler will groan when they pull up to the house.

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