Monday, March 30, 2009

sunrise on Lake Superior

I wish I had a picture of it. It is so achingly beautiful. Mike and I watched the sun rise over the lake as the first ship of the season was headed across the lake to the harbor. It was a gorgeous drive up here yesterday, the lake ice is piling up along the shoreline, creating sculptures tinged with an eerie blue. We had an amazing meal at our favorite Duluth spot-Va Bene right on the shore.

My cell phone rang at 5:30 this morning. Disoriented and mostly asleep, I stumbled to where it was charging in the kitchen of our suite. Missed the call, it was my sister. Heart pounding, trying to call her back, no answer. She rang me back, my dad is in the hospital, taken there by the ambulance early this morning.

He is okay, but will be in the hospital for a couple of days-he has a nasty infection that caused his fever to climb to over 105. I had just talked to him yesterday morning (didn't even know he wasn't well, of course he didn't tell me), making sure they had our phone numbers in case of emergency. I had remarked to Mike, on the way up here "It's Murphy's Law-if they have our phone numbers they won't need them." Guess I was wrong this time! He doesn't want me to come and see him, sounds like he needs some major antibiotics and lots of rest. I send him all my love and good thoughts.

Big snowstorm headed this way-they are expecting nearly a foot of snow here. Mike and Charlie will ski today, the snow is supposed to start tonight. We will get to have a snow day in snow country! Today I will stock up on movies and board games and goodies for the fridge-we have a full kitchen so we can spend some good family time together. And skiing on Wednesday will be amazing!

For now the sun is shining, the guys have already left for the ski hill, and I am ready to relax.

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