Saturday, March 28, 2009

dry thoughts

Our hearts go out to all of our friends in the Red River Valley today, a special note of calm to Beth and Eric, who got the call to evacuate their home at 6:10 am yesterday. They have been sandbagging all over the area for more than a week, at the same time trying to keep the water out of their own home. I am sure they are both emotionally and physically drained, and I hope that the river does not rise as far as predicted, and that their home will be safe.

I know Beth and her daughter Maren are now tucked away in St. Cloud, and that Eric stayed behind to monitor the situation. All dry thoughts to all of you, and we hope that you can find some time to rest, and recharge, and drink copious amounts of wine and beer. And then move on when the river doesn't dictate your life anymore.

A fraternity brother of Mike's had to abandon his home on Wedneseday, he and his wife will most likely not rebuild. I can't even imagine the heartache of saying goodbye to your home.

And to all of our other friends and acquaintances along the Red River Valley (Mike and I lived in both Grand Forks and Fargo, so a little bit of us is still there), we wish you dry homes, and a little rest. You are an amazing group of strong hearted, courageous people that we are proud to know.

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