Thursday, March 19, 2009

planting dilemmas

Our school is holding their annual plant sale. It's a great opportunity to buy all of the basics I will need for my window boxes, pots and garden fillers.The empty form, all four pages of it, are full of promise. What shall my theme be this year? Do I go for the cottage garden look, with muted pastels? A firey glow of reds and oranges? An all-white theme? Or multiple shades of blues and purples?

Good lord, the pressure.
Last year I went wild and ordered pretty much every color on the palette.So far I have put together two completely different orders, one with lots of colors, one with just a few. Oh well, it has a week to ferment before I have to make my decision. Maybe if I just sit in my back yard on a sunny afternoon, the garden will tell me what I should do.

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