Friday, March 27, 2009

time flies, Cub Scout edition

Last night was one of those milestone nights, that give you pause to look back and realize that childhood moves at warp speed.

Here is Charlie-in the fall of 2004-showing off his sailboat with his troop buddies.
Selling popcorn to raise money for camp, circa 2005.Having fun with his buddy Alec at Camp Navaho during the summer of 2008.At last evening's Blue and Gold Banquet, where he crossed over to officially become a Boy Scout.Time does, indeed, fly.

Charlie's goal is to become an Eagle Scout-a pretty good goal these days, and something we will support in every way we can. Lots of camping, hard work, and community service. Here is what the Boy Scouts believe in, and practice.I am pretty sure Bernie Madoff was never a Boy Scout.

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