Friday, March 13, 2009

finding joy

I have a framed piece of needlework that I look at every morning, "Don't Postpone Joy".

Easier said than done, many days.

The April issue of "real simple" magazine arrived today, and the corner peaking out under the stack of junk mail said "42 Ways to Add Joy to your Day". I quickly thumbed through to find the article, as I am always seeking more joy in my life.

After all, I'm not supposed to postpone it.

Actually, it was just a semi-clever way for them to introduce you to some new products you could buy. Which I did not find joyful, in the least.

But it is still my favorite magazine, and it appears to be chock full of info I will use-giving me the best bang for my magazine buying buck.

But now, I am going to have to think of my own ways to add joy to my life. So I guess I am compelled to share them with you, dear readers.

1. Get a new green plant. It doesn't matter what kind, as long as it is green, and can sit on your desk, or near the kitchen sink. A gentle reminder that someday all of the snow will melt.

2. Get a new toothbrush, in a fun color. And if you are really crazy, get one that vibrates!

3. Paint your toenails a fun color. Today I had mine painted a very vibrant shade of purple. Something I would never dare do in the height of summer.

Hey, wait a minute! So far all of the ways I have been telling you to find joy involve a retail purchase! I guess I can't complain about the article anymore.

Perhaps you can find your own joy in stimulating the economy, or making a killer buy on some undervalued stock.

Okay, here's some that don't involve an investment:

1. Make a fabulous home-cooked meal for your family, complete with a yummy dessert. Smile at the joy on their faces.

2. Write a letter (a real one, with a stamp) to a friend you haven't seen in ages, or a relative you love dearly. Or to your child, when is the last time you wrote them a letter? Joy multiplied.

3. Sit in a sunny spot by the window, and listen to some of your favorite music. Feel the contentment as it washes over you. sigh.

Go ahead, find your own joy this weekend!

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