Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Superior Diary-day 4

The winds have stilled, the snow has not. Today it is gently falling, in huge flakes, and piling up on the deck of our patio. Yesterday the bay was frozen out as far as we could see, today the lake is pushing up against the shore, heaving huge chunks of ice and snow, piling up in frozen sculptures. Seagulls swoop down, looking for a snack amongst the ice. While yesterday felt wild and out of control, today feels calm, and quiet. I plan to head out today with the camera and get some pictures, that I will post when we got home to St. Paul.

Lutsen got 14" of snow yesterday, Mike and Charlie are in for quite a different skiing experience today than they had on Monday!

My dad is being released from the hospital this morning, all of his tests came back fine, so once he gets rid of his infection he will be fit as a fiddle. The whole family will slide home to Bemidji today, and return to normal life.

Every once in a while, life reminds you how precious it is, and what really matters.

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