Thursday, April 16, 2009

time flies, part VIII

Over the next two days, Charlie and his classmates are going to be interviewed for Biztown-a program through Junior Achievement-where they take part in operating a kid size city. They have put together resumes, will interview for jobs they want, and then perform those jobs at the city, located in Maplewood. Such a great experience!

The teachers advised them to dress for interviews-so Charlie walked out today in a white button down shirt, and his plaid cargo shorts. I pulled back, and didn't do the mom thing, and let him go with it. A direct quote "Mom, since today is a special day, I went with my special deoderant. See?" He handed me the stick of Old Spice, showing me he went with the 'SWAGGER' scent, as it is 'the official scent of confidence'. After topping it off with a couple of drops of his Old Spice cologne, he was set.

At least he still likes to eat chocolate chip pancakes (as long as they aren't from the children's menu)
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