Wednesday, April 22, 2009

to move, or not to move

THAT is the question.

Each spring I get antsy, and feel claustrophobic, from spending the last few months in our tiny house. So I begin to search the MLS, looking for our dream home.

This year the search has been in greater earnest than ever before, as we do feel it may be time to move to larger digs, with room to build simulators. Manufacturing seems to be on our horizon, in greater numbers than before.

We have found several houses worthy of a drive-by, to check the neighborhood, traffic and airplane noise, proximity to neighbors, etc. But none have made it to the next step, the phone call to the realtor to schedule a showing.

Until recently. We found the ideal home for our needs, during an on-line search last week. So for the last several days, I have been playing the "I want to buy a new house/my current house is just fine" game in my mind. You know how it goes:

Look at all of the room!
I would just have more to clean.

That kitchen is fantastic!
You just spent months remodeling yours.

The huge yard, with mature trees!
You can barely get yours mowed and raked, and it is the size of a postage stamp.

We would have a spare bedroom for guests!
We would have a spare bedroom for guests.

We could get a 30 year mortgage for less than 5% !
Our house is paid for in just 8 years.

Look at all of the storage for all of our stuff!
We would have to pack up and move 17 years worth of stuff.

The family room! For entertaining!
We don't have a family room now, therefore no furniture for one.

The huge office has a fireplace, built in shelves, a huge window overlooking the back yard, and a door to the porch.
I currently share a 10' x 10' room with Mike for my office....

Upon our arrival home from the drive-by, I clutched the phone to my ear, grabbing the calendar at the same time in breathless anticipation of scheduling the showing. The realtor answered, and informed me it had already been sold.

So much for the lousy housing market.

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  1. LMBO - "we would have a spare bedroom for guests..." Not a selling point.

    Glad you are staying put for now.


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