Tuesday, April 7, 2009

up north post mortem

I love digital cameras. You can take gobs of pictures, with very little effort.

But then, you have gobs of pictures. To sort through, and determine what to share.

I narrowed it down. A LOT.

On our way up, we stopped at Jay Cooke State Park, to see the swollen river rush through.Love the hanging bridge:In Duluth, a late lunch/early dinner at our very favorite restaurant, Va Bene. Charlie is checking out Mike's Italian beer.

I wasn't kidding when I told you the lake ice piling up on the shore was blue!Mike found out the ice isn't very thick so close to shore, and the water is COLD.The guys had a perfect day of skiing on Monday, before the big storm hit:Grand Marais is a pretty sleepy town in the winter,
Many stores don't open again until May (except of course Ben Franklin, which never closes!)But the skiing was wonderful
Charlie went down all of the black diamond runs with his dadAnd we come home refreshed and ready to tackle whatever life dishes out.

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