Tuesday, June 3, 2008

they grow up so fast...

I am sure glad that human babies don't grow as fast as robins do!

Do you remember last Tuesday's photo? Here, let me refresh your memory: Here they are, just a week later! There is hardly room for all of them in the nest-I keep waiting for one to get pushed out by his or her brother or sister. There seem to be a couple that are kind of bullies, and the other two are just fighting for some space. In the pic below, you can just barely see the beak of one of them trying to get into the photo. All four are still hanging in there, through kitchen sanding, torrential rain, and less than 40 degree temperatures.Aren't they pretty? I have to believe it is the high quality and quantity of worms in my yard that have allowed them to grow at such a nuclear pace. (See Tracy? Worms have their special purpose....)

The parents really took off after a squirrel, who was getting a little to close to the nest for comfort. It's not often you get to see robins attacking a squirrel, very "Wild Kingdom".

I don't know how long before they fly away, I should probably do some research. It has been just delightful having them so close-I love showing them to younger kids when they walk by.

It has been a massively speeded up version of a human baby, I am guessing at this point the baby robins must be teenagers, and are getting ready to get pushed out of the nest!

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  1. Your are more than welcome to come harvest all of my worms to feed to your babies....


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