Friday, June 27, 2008

June is winding down

It just flies by, doesn't it? Once it gets nice, even though we have way more daylight than say, December, the days seem to go so much faster. How does that work?

I am looking forward to the day I don't talk about my kitchen anymore. Because that will mean it is finally done, and I can run my hands over my shiny new countertops, and whip up a five course meal.
Here is a detail shot from the cupboards:
For those of you who have already listened to me go on, and on, and on, about how much I love Ikea cabinets. Just skip down to the next paragraph. I LOVE my cabinets, I enjoyed putting them together, and really appreciate their attention to detail. I adore all of the dividers and organizational things they have come up with to make kitchen life easier.

I have moved most of my dishes to drawers, and I seem to be able to fit so much more into the space I have than before.

What I don't love is stripping stain. Here is what a window looks like before I start in on it:

FYI-if you have windows to strip, don't paint your walls B4 doing it...

And here is what one looks like after 3 hours of goo, and swearing, and using a toothbrush and awl to get into all of the little details:

I still need to do the final sanding on it, but after that I can stain it to match my cupboards. I do think it will be worth all of my complaining, in the end.

The extremely nice, very tall, and rather cute young man who came to measure for our countertops yesterday was so easy to deal with. Once the sink comes in that we had to reorder yesterday as the first one wouldn't work.....he can get our countertop cut. I am guessing what with holidays and such that we are looking at the middle of July, if we are lucky. And then we figure out tile for the walls, and finish up the details, so for sure it will be all complete by the time Charlie goes back to school!

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