Monday, June 16, 2008

a few things

Mike just competed in his first National Enduro! It was in Marquette, Michigan, and he went with some other riders in an RV. Kind of like the ultimate road trip. What a cool way to spend Father's Day! A national event, of course, means riders from all over the country. And he got 10th place in his class out of 20 guys! I am so proud.

My sis was here all weekend, I love her dearly. I am pretty sure we are twins separated by twelve years. But our sons are only two years apart, and they are at an age where they love to hang out together, with not a lot of fall out. Here they are, from the state fair, last summer:
We went and saw the new exhibit at the zoo (wonderful, LOVED the otters and bears), got lots of yard time (boys playing in the field, moms drinking wine and chatting), did just a little shopping, even some beading. But mostly, we got to spend time together, and that is what we crave. Because we understand each other so well, and can help each other make our light shine it's brightest. And since it is apparently 'fishing picture week' here on my blog, here we are last summer, after another stellar fishing trip with our dad:

Who doesn't love a nice walleye?

I will post pics of the kitchen soon, we have made great progress, and are now in a holding pattern while we wait for more floor tile to arrive, so we can finish up the last cabinet, and then get measured for our new countertop. Last week we went out to Cold Spring Granite, to choose the actual slab that they will cut our countertop from. What an amazing experience! You get to go in to their enormous warehouse, and pick what you want.

It was spotless, and the stone is just beautiful. Really hard to decide.

Here is the piece we ultimately ended up choosing:

More details to come as the week goes on. Now that I can cook again I may even post a recipe or two! My sis and I came up with some great ones this weekend....

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  1. Good to see you back! Isn't the new Zoo exhibit beary nice and just otterly fun.


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