Monday, June 23, 2008

photographer extraordinaire

My sis just sent me the pics from our weekend together, I think you will agree with me that she is in the wrong line of work. Such a nice shot of me and the boy! I love the soft, filmy look. Like I am a 1940's Hollywood star...

Some pictures of my flowers, in my back yard. Who knew they were so gorgeous?
I wish peonies lasted longer, they are so stunning. Like a really fancy prom dress from the 50's, with a big crinoline underneath. The next one she worked on in Photoshop, I love the effect!
Here is a cool technique, softening the edges of a columbine shot. I love how she captured the sunlight filtering through the leaves on the tree branches overhanging the garden:Another columbine, one of the wilder ones you find growing in the woods and on the sides of the road this time of year. We called them honeysuckle growing up, I always thought they looked like little fairy hats: I picked these up in a few colors this year, they are called Clown Flowers (obviously!)

We brought Claude outside, for a little fresh air, and some catnip from the herb garden. She can even take pet portraits!Snuffy's is a traditional outing for us when she comes to town, here are the boys enjoying their malts:And their moms, enjoying their chocolate and cherry cokes. Isn't the sepia tint a nice touch?

Lucky for Charlie, my sis can also cut hair, so we took advantage of her talents. I would rather pay her than Cost Cutters!

I love that shot.

Tomorrow, pictures from our zoo adventure!

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  1. Oh my - she is UBER talented! I love the pics and her amazing editing skills. She needs to teach me some of that! So fabulous! Love the snuffy's shots! xoxo.


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