Wednesday, June 25, 2008

celestial conflicts

The force was with us.
Unless you have been living under a rock, (or maybe in the swamps of Dagobah) you know that the Star Wars exhibit has landed at the Science Museum. We had set aside today, months ago, to check it out.
The gang was all there, the good guys:
The Jawas:And the bad guys:The best part? These aren't replicas, or copies. These were all actually used in the movies. Virtually every model, costume, and prop was authentic.

Mike and Charlie loved the vehicles:Yup, that is the actual Landspeeder Mark Hamill was filmed in. And here he is in his X Wing Fighter:With tiny little R2 right behind him. They used the very detailed models to film the scenes where they were going through space, and actual size cut outs to film the actors in. It was really revolutionary how George Lucas accomplished all of this, and changed movie making and special effects forever.

I personally enjoyed the models: This is a model of the Wookie Village. So amazing! This looks like something I thought I could make when I was little, and I would start on it, and get frustrated, and throw away my popsicle sticks and clay in frustration, because it never matched the picture that was in my head.
Who is that behind the snow goggles riding a Tan Tan? Could it be, Ken? Does Barbie know?

If you have a chance, go and see this exhibit. It makes for a very fun family outing. I believe it is here through the end of August. (notice, I had to keep a certain distance from Charlie, so I wouldn't embarrass him...)And when you are done looking at the exhibit, head on up to the 6th floor, and grab a yummy lunch and eat it out on the patio, before heading down for a rousing round of mini golf!
These are the kind of days I am really glad to live in St. Paul.

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