Tuesday, June 10, 2008

she's back !

I guess Momma Robin really liked her nesting spot, as she is already back for more.

Criminy! I guess this has become "Bird Tuesday" (see the last two weeks of posts, on Tuesdays).

So I had to do a little research, because I really don't know much about robins. And now you will know too. (who knew you could actually learn something by reading my blog?)

American Robins can be found in all of the USA except Hawaii and northern Alaska. They mate in the spring from April - July, and can have two or three batches of babies. The first one is usually 3-4 nestlings, the following broods are usually only two. (can't wait to see what my momma robin comes up with this time!) She builds her nest (sometimes her mate helps her, sometimes not...) by making it all cozy, then scooping up mud with her wing and spreading it all around to hold everything together. Once she lays her eggs, they incubate for two weeks before they hatch.

When the babies arrive, they immediately know three things: 1. To sit still and hide when their parents are away from the nest, 2. To pop up and open their beaks to beg for food when their parents arrive, 3. To poop as soon as they swallow. (sorry, a little graphic, but hey, today's topic is all about nature!)
The nestlings (I love that word) start trying to jump from the nest when they are 13 days old, and in another 10-15 days they are ready to fly and be independent. Holy cow!

Sadly, most robins die in their first year of life. But if they can make it through that first critical year, the average life span is then five-six years.

Maybe they will all survive and come back to my yard in a few years for a family reunion.

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  1. So I am thinking your can call it "Two-legged Tuesday" and perhaps then you can have "Three-legged Thursday" for Claude?


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