Sunday, June 15, 2008

a day for dad

It is still Father's Day, for a little bit longer, so I can get this in in time. Even though my father does not have a computer, and won't see this, I think it is important to remember him on his day. Since I didn't make it to Bemidji, this will have to do. I DID call, and send a gift and card, I am not a complete loser...

As I mentioned on Mother's Day, my parents had me young (by today's standards, not so much back then). They were nineteen, and had been married 10 whole months. So they hadn't even gotten used to the whole being married concept, and not living with their families, before I came along. We all kind of grew up together. Now that I am wise (ahem) and older, I can't even imagine what they went through. Well, I can imagine it a little, and it makes me appreciate the fact that we all made it through, rather well, I think.
My dad wasn't a hugger, but he showed us he loved us in other ways. One of those ways was by taking us fishing. To this day, I never feel more loved, or happy, or relaxed, than when I am in a fishing boat with my dad. Here is a pic from August of 2006, when he took his daughters and their boys fishing:

Smiles all around!

I am pretty darn lucky to be blessed with my dad, and I hope he gets to take us fishing for many, many more years.

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