Tuesday, June 24, 2008

crazy good photographer, part 2

We always try and do the zoo when my sis and her son Riley come to visit, we for sure had to see the new Grizzly Coast exhibit!

Even with fences, and cages, and, well, trying to take pictures of unpredictable animals, my sister still got some amazing shots. See for yourself:

And then we went and saw the wildlife.

You would never know they were actually excited to be there. Apparently, just not with their mothers.

Seriously, let's just start calling her "heather hanson, animal portraitist". (is that a word?)

Come on, these could be posters that they sell at the zoo!
Now these geese weren't actually part of the zoo exhibits, but they were smart enough to pick a good place to start a family:We probably stayed longest at the Prairie Dog hill, they are just so humorous. Usually when I am there they are all underground, on this day they were everywhere!Who knew a rodent could be so cute? They are rodents, aren't they?Some of the more adventurous ones were trying to make a break for it...after this shot one of them got on the other's shoulders to make a flying leap....either that, or they were looking for contraband food....

The grizzlies didn't look scary at all, more like you just wanted to hug them. We even got to see them fish for rainbow trout. But our favorite animal of the day? The new otters :Riley was trying to pet it through the glass. Like they say in the ad "kittens are jealous", or something like that.

And at the end of the day, when you have covered the entire zoo, and waited 20 minutes for your coffee order, and ran the gauntlet in the gift shop, all that really matters is how sore your feet are.

And then you realize you still have to walk to your car....

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  1. She is an amazing photgrapher! I love that she took pictures of the animals..as everytime I get home from the zoo..there are only pictures of people on my camera..Drives me nutty!


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