Friday, June 20, 2008

it's official!

Or will be, at around 7 tonight. Summer is here! And this year it took way too long to get here. But honestly? I really haven't minded the cool nights, as I am not a fan of heat and humidity. ick. Give me a day when I can throw open the windows and let the fresh breeze into my house, rather than be all sealed in with the a/c.

In honor of the longest day of the year (don't want to think about what that actually means for tomorrow...) we are thinking of loading up the truck and heading out to a drive in tonight. The truck is perfect for the drive-in, we back it in, throw an air bed in the back, lift down the tailgate, and lounge on fluffy pillows and an old quilt and sit back to watch the show. Although I am guessing the bugs will be nasty this year, so we better OFF it before we go.

The kitchen continues to move along-I started stripping stain off the windows yesterday, in preparation for staining them to a color that more closely matches the cabinets. Now there is a fun job for you. But they will be so pretty when I am done. Mike is going to work on filling in the floor that was under the window cabinets so it matches the rest of the floor, and replacing linoleum tiles where needed. Next week they come to measure for our new countertop, and our new sink arrived too. While we still have a ways to go, we can start to envision what it will finally look like. And if you ever have thoughts of doing your own kitchen, I highly recommend Ikea cabinets. They are just a dream.

Claude goes in today for a new cast, and will have xrays done to see how it is healing and determine how much longer he needs to be casted. He is very anxious to get it off. I know because he told me.

Momma Robin has been sitting on her nest constantly, I will need to try and sneak a peek in to see what is going on in there.

The forecast sounds perfect for the weekend, Mike has an enduro in Stone Lake, and Charlie and I plan to hang out at Highland Pool all weekend. The windows can wait....

Happy Birthday greetings today to Tracie-what a fun day to have for a birthday!

Major hugs and good thoughts go out to my sis, she is going through a really tough time right now, and handling it with strength and confidence. I wish her nothing but a chance to sleep and dream about her life to come.

May you all have a wonderful first weekend of summer!

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