Thursday, June 5, 2008


Last day of school. This day always has mixed emotions for me:

AMAZED that my child has finished another year of elementary school, where does the time go?

RELIEVED that I don't have to set the alarm clock anymore or hound him about homework or getting to bed at a reasonable time

OVERWHELMED as to how I am still going to get my job done with him at home all day (one of the few downfalls of working from home...)

EXCITED - for in my mind tomorrow is really the first official day of summer, no matter what the calendar says

SAD - because I know he will never have another teacher like he had this year

So it's one of those roller coaster emotion days. We will have to take the traditional last day of school photo as he emerges from the bus. His very first bus driver used to make a big deal about it, and give the kids candy, and spray them with Silly String as they exited the bus. How cool was that?
This pic is from last year, of course, it was June 14th, so by then it had actually warmed up. At least this year the kids weren't roasting in 80 degree rooms and couldn't focus!

And an update on my feathered tenants-the day I posted their newest picture, they all left home. Not sure if they went on to college, or got married, or joined the Peace Corps. I kind of miss them.

Happy Summer !

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