Monday, January 18, 2010

yarn nirvana

My first skeins of Noro yarn,  made in Japan.  "Silk Garden", made from silk, kid mohair, and wool.  Stunning colors.  See?

If you don't know how to knit, and want to learn, let me know!  I would be happy to share my passion....

(The little bag that the scarf is spilling out of was made from Brown Sheep Company wool yarn, then felted.  I can teach you that too.)

Coming up this week, the great bathroom makeover (more misadventures in fixing up an old house...)


  1. I love those colors! Surely you don't mean you do distance teaching of knitting, or do you? I would like to learn, maybe, I think.

  2. I'm so proud of you and enjoy hearing about all your talents (knitting, cooking, gardening, photography, decorating, mothering, running a business). My Aunt Vicki (on my mom's side) made homemade wool/felted slippers for her kids for Christmas last year. You people are making the rest of us look bad. Knock it off, would ya? ;o)


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