Tuesday, January 26, 2010

bathroom re-do

The info on last night's news report made me understand why my post yesterday was so gloomy.  The last Monday in January has been identified as the most depressing day of the year!  (They didn't explain how they figured it out...)

But today is Tuesday, and time to move on.

Finally, I present to you the bathroom re-do.  East wall, before:

The checkered wallpaper HAD to go.  It reminded me of a restaurant.

It had lasted us TWELVE years.  Definitely time for a change.  So I ripped the wallpaper off, scraped old glue.  And as usually happens whenever we try to remodel something in this old house, we found a surprise.  When the previous owners had remodeled the bathroom, they had not bothered to mud one of the walls that they removed the plaster from, and slapped sheetrock on.  So when I removed the wallpaper it left the wall in bad shape for painting.  Mike spent a whole day just dealing with that mess.  Ugh.

But now it's done!  Not a huge change (hey, it's a little tiny room....)  East side:

And the west side:

Basically just new paint, shower curtain, towels and rugs.  We do need a new light, but haven't made it that far yet.  But the best part?  When we completely emptied the room out to do the work, I went through every single item, and I now have perfectly clean medicine cabinets and baskets full of lotions and dust free bottles.  And all of the expired medications and broken barrettes (when is the last time I wore a BARRETTE?) are tossed.  Ready for the new year.  One room at a time....


  1. Yes, when was the last time you wore a barrette?

  2. Okay, confession, when I scrolled down and saw the first pic, I thought that WAS the re-do shot and I LOVED it. You have very good taste. So, I also love the real re-do. And, yes, how nice to have everything fresh and shiny and dust (not to mention~ barrette) free. Whew. Pesky barrettes. Thanks for sharing your pics, dear cousin. Your house is SO cute!


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