Saturday, January 23, 2010

down and out

A rare Saturday post, to explain my absence yesterday.  I have been kicked in the butt by a major sinus infection, and have spent the last several days suffering under my flannel sheets.  Finally on the other side of it, but not 100% by any means.

Sometimes I am really organized, and write posts ahead of time, and schedule them to appear, luckily I had done that early last week, or you would not have heard from me for days!

The sinus pain prevents me from sleeping more than 20 minutes at a time, and yesterday afternoon I finally felt like I could settle in for an extended nap.  Mike and Charlie were off to ski club, and wouldn't be home until at least 9 pm.  I was just drifting off, I could feel my body starting to float.  Right outside my bedroom window, I heard the sound of heavy equipment.

Oh no, not just ANY heavy equipment.  This was a drill, a big drill that they use to drill holes in frozen city streets.  It was soon joined by a backhoe, with a BIGGER drill.  They drilled and drilled, until they could make a 6 x 6 foot hole in our street.  The giant dump truck arrived, the work continued.  Really???  What are the chances, that in the entire city of St. Paul, they would need to do this work RIGHT OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM WINDOW????

No nap for me.  Luckily I was up getting a glass of water when they knocked on my door to let me know there was a water main break, and they would be turning off my water for the next few hours.  I completely abandoned the whole nap idea, and curled up on the couch to watch Season 2 of "Rosemary and Thyme". 

Have you seen it?  Have you heard of it?  I stumbled across it in the library one cold fall day, and it is just delightful.  A British series about two women, one a former cop, one a horticulturist.  They go around England designing gardens, and stumbling across crimes that they end up helping to solve.  Just perfect for a cold January night, when you are under the weather and can't do anything more productive than lift a remote.

Making lemonade out of lemons...


  1. Sorry to hear you were so under the weather. Hope you are on the mend now! Haven't heard of that series, but it looks good. I remember being down with a bad cold/flu and watching the entire Lonesome Dove saga. It was nice to be forced to take the time when I otherwise wouldn't have. Can't believe the road construction! Wouldn't you know it.

  2. I hope you are feeling better now. Sending you good thoughts from up the street.

    Take good care.


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