Tuesday, January 12, 2010

five stars

I do not fancy myself a food critic, but I know what I like.

Sunday night Mike and Charlie and I had an opportunity to try a new

restaurant (not new to the Cities, but new to us).   Kona Grill is located

in Eden Prairie, and one of our fine crew members holds another job

there, so we went to check it out.

It is a beautiful space, lots of warm wood and stone, unique lighting,

and many options for dining.  There is the main room, with comfy

booths lining the walls, a bar area, and the patio.  A roaring fire and

metal furniture can be found in the patio, enclosed for winter dining

and football watching.  They throw open the windows when it's warm

enough, and there is another outdoor patio during the summer months.

I can't wait to sit out there with a nice glass of wine., and the sun on my


Here is a link:  http://www.konagrill.com/

But the food.  Oh, the food.  We started with a plate of potstickers,

homemade and absolutlely delicious.  They also have a sushi bar,

and Charlie mentioned he had always wanted to try it.  So our kind

host brought over two types of rolls for him to try, one with tempura

shrimp and cucumber, the other with crab and avocado.  Oh, delish.

If you like sushi, this is the place to go.

Our main entrees were fabulous.  I had a lemon grass crusted halibut,

with a coconut curry sauce.  They make over 40 sauces from scratch

at this restaurant, and the care they put into the food really shines

through.  The sweet sticky rice and steamed spinach were the perfect

sides.  Mike tried another of their signature dishes, the macadamia nut

chicken, and pronounced it perfect.  It came with a side of skin on

white cheddar mashed potatoes and wok fried veggies, a plate full of

color.  Charlie went mainstream, ( he had already tried sushi, for heavens

sake) and ordered the big Kahuna cheeseburger with fries, and pro-

nounced it the best burger he had ever had.

Yes, I am a loser, and didn't think to bring my camera, to share photos

with you.  The sushi plate was simply a work of art.

Unable to finish our meals, we opted out of dessert, but it would have

been fun to try something new.  Next time!

We will absolutely be making the trek to Eden Prairie again to dine at

this spot, and I can't wait to bring friends and family there as well.  If

you happen to be in the cities, (or any of the other sixteen places where

you can find the Kona Grill), you must make a stop.  It is kind of pricey,

but every penny spent is well worth it.

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  1. If you're not a food critic, you should be one because you're GOOD. Oh my, how I was wishing for pictures of your colorful plates. But then I thought, probably good that she left that camera at home. Wouldn't want neighboring diners to think you odd. ;o) Yum~ I hope to try a restaurant near me soon!


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