Monday, January 4, 2010

back in the saddle

The ribbons have been salvaged and the wrappings tossed, the pine tree

needles have been swept away (although I will keep finding them in strange

places until springtime).  Ornaments are tucked in boxes (including the two

tins of them I found that got missed when I was trimming the tree) and it is

all shoved deep in the attic, where it will rest until I drag it out again next


Early January is so cleansing, I want to go through every cupboard, box, and

shelf to pare down.  But then my comfy couch, and a soft blanket, and a

good book call to me, and all good intentions fly away on the frozen breeze.

Today we jump back in the saddle. Charlie reluctantly heads off to school,

with the sounds of his Xbox, and his beloved Travis Pastrana movies

dancing through his head.  I head in to the piles in my office, and the glow

of the tax package as it sits there on the shelf, waiting for me to dive in.

Mike will head out to the gym, ready to get fit for another year of dirt bike


And the world turns, and the snow crunches, and the afterglow of the

holidays lingers in the candles that still light the night.


  1. Kristi~ you are an excellent writer! I loved reading this. It makes me sigh...

  2. So poetic for someone who still has the internet...


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