Monday, January 25, 2010


January started out on such a bright note, all kinds of shiny possibilities in the days ahead. 

We were going to do lots of cleaning, and organizing.  Thank you notes for holiday gifts would be sent in a timely manner, and our winter cards would get mailed out to family and friends (since Christmas cards just don't fit into our retail schedule anymore....).  I would be completely ready for the craft day I am planning, days ahead of schedule. 

I was even optimistic enough to re-do our main floor bathroom (photos to follow in a later post...)

And suddenly it is the last week of January, and the thank you notes are still sitting on Charlie's desk.  They are written, just not addressed.  He is further along than me, I haven't even started.  Maybe I need to nag myself.

The winter cards are sitting in a pile in the office.  Is it now too late?  Are we all just over the thought of winter and holiday wishes?

The bathroom is done, thank goodness.  At least when you re-do a vital room in the home you can't really delay things.

But I have accomplished not one single solitary thing in the last four days, and still am not feeling like I can do anything more than load the dishwasher, and perhaps start a load of laundry.  (with big rest breaks in between). 

Oh where or where did January go?

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  1. I think you should just do Valentine greetings at this point - and enclose your thank you notes with them. ;)
    What can I do for you? I have idle hands or too much caffeine...not sure.


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